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Salazar no longer for sale

  • April 4, 2012

Price: withdrawn


SHS colt registration C2436

Exceptional bay colt out of Arclid Minshull Monty (UK) and Southern Cross Celestial Pearl. This lad has amazing movement, a delight to watch. His sire was Champion stallion in Peterborough 2007, the bloodlines of this horse are crowded with champions going back generations and “Zar” will be an outstanding stallion adding to the list.

Zar has just completed his training under saddle and come home with praise for his willing temperament, being a quick learner with terrific retention of all tasks asked of him. Zar is such a lovely horse, he’s soft natured, quiet yet likes to check things out before rushing in and has a delightful nicker when he says hello.

Zar meets all SHS breed standards and now stands ready to thrill, grow and astound in any discipline as a standing stallion of any stud. Of course drenched regularly, floats with ease, farrier loves him and despite being at that gangly, long legged stage currently, we expect him to mature into a fabulous well rounded equine.

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