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July 2012 already!

  • July 7, 2012

Where on earth does the time go….. updating FB, updating web, updating blog, replying to emails, fitting horse stuff in, working full time, making time to ride, lunge, wash horses, repair rugs, maintain the fences, organise the chores and keep poultry, dogs and cats in line… on reflection all of this is pretty much a normal week for us here at Forest Hill, who has time or money to smoke, drink or party…. 🙂

Still, as consuming as our busy lives are, we’ve happily extended our world to incorporate Jess, a local horse trainer, who is currently preparing Salazar for the ridden class at the upcoming Brisbane Royal in August. For such a young horse Zar has excelled in retaining the tasks taught and improves with every session, Jess couldn’t be happier with this quiet, “good looking”, responsive colt who just oozes confidence and strives to please on so many levels.


To complete Zar’s first time attendance at the Royal we’ve just received the commissioned roller and show bridle from Steve Kitchener, amazing craftsmanship that looks awesome and fits like a glove. Now we just have to keep up with the in hand work.. hhhmmm need a show coat.. breeches… new hat……


Also, with the assistance of Jess, I’ve begun riding lessons on Pearl and despite the stiffness I am sure we both feel, this is going well and finally achieves the initial motivation for entering into horse ownership and breeding, to hop on and go for a leisurely ride around the neighbourhood when one feels like it. I’m loving this new activity and remembering heaps from the days when I was riding regularly. Pearl has also provided a young lass, Bridgette Young from Brisbane, a terrific thrill allowing her to show off her riding skills in getting the old girl moving. I’m sure Bridgette will be back as it was such a fun day.
With the sale of our first born colt, Rebel, to Bingara we managed to trek on down (5 hour drive) and see him in action with his new owners and take part in their massive horse muster that was being filmed by the TV show, Sydney weekender, we hope to be able to get a copy as we won’t see the program here in QLD. Dale was thrilled to be in the cart being pulled along by Rebel along with a gelding, both horses are still in training so this added to the experience as they adjusted to the task under expert tutelage of two drivers, one being the new owner John.



Now that all the excitement is over for our week holiday, preparations for return to work come to mind. It has been fantastic holiday and a shame it comes to an end way too soon. Sleeping in and deciding to do things when we feel like it rather than when the clock dictates has been magic. Mind you the haphazard feeding schedules has all the animals unimpressed, the religious 6am feed slot has morphed into 7am or later depending on when one gets up, so they will all be happy once we both start living by the clock again come Monday. The menagerie is all thriving despite the cold and frosty mornings. No eggs though so we’ve had to purchase store eggs, they just aren’t the same. The geese are getting prepared for nesting and the drakes are all fighting for the top position. The minis are all woolly and Greg’s still thinks he’s it and a bit happily living in his paddock up the back wooing all the girls as they trek past his fences and Pearl, as always, flicks her ears and threatens to stomp him as she meanders along. Greg has never let his miniature size deter his infatuation with the big mama.. he barely reaches her knee.

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