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April already

  • April 7, 2011

Thanks for all your emails and encouragement over these past months. It’s been a struggle after the flooding to get back into any normality. We’ve both been working long hours and spend the majority of our weekend time contending with multiple temporary repairs whilst we wait on the insurance decision on our policy. We’ve also been spiked by an electrical surge which fried both of our computers and various appliances a week after the floods, including all the email traffic creating a void not knowing what needed follow up or not. The recovery of the lost data is apparently possible ($2200) but we simply can’t afford it at this time so if you haven’t heard from us it’s because we no longer have your email address – so send a message and say hello.

We won’t dwell on the past negatives….. Horse news, Pearl has now regained her lost condition after the horrid conditions and stressful transport that consumed us for the month after the floods but sadly she absorbed the follicle so not preggers this season. Not really a surprise given the long list of scary stuff that went on testing her stamina and health. She has taken a shine to Kytan though and allows him to eat her hay and her feeds much to our surprise – Duchess doesn’t like to share her feed only the hay. Pearl seems to be mellowing with age and allows group mutual grooming but not quite with Duchess yet, only all the boys. Duchess however can stand alongside Pearl now without getting a kick so she’s more in the group now than 10 paces back.

Duchess too absorbed the first insemination (Monty UK) but has managed to stay pregnant after the 2nd AI process with What’s Wanted (local QLD stallion) and is steadily growing and looking lovely. She is still nursing Kytan (5months old now) and has managed to sustain a semblance of mother hood despite her disinterest in the entire process. Kytan is a very independent foal and initially we had fears he wouldn’t get enough milk, but he’s thriving with the additional hard feed we’ve supplemented him with from about 3 weeks onward. He does manage to nurse regularly from Duchess; it’s just a short affair when Duchess stands still long enough to latch on. Pearl is a force feeder and calls the foals to her for nursing and the world stops whilst this goes on. Duchess always looks very put out when Kytan insists on a feed and she has certainly never called Kytan to her for anything…. he’s always running about looking for her.

Rebel and Salazar have been sharing the stallion paddock for some time now and they are closely bonded. Being mummy’s boys not sure if this is a good thing or bad – Pearl’s stamp is certainly all over them and they still look to her for direction despite their ages. We’ve managed to keep a stay on the itch with constant rugging and creams and lotions so hopefully they (Pearl & Rebel) are presentable enough for Gatton in 3 weeks time.

The dogs are both struggling with arthritis now and are slower getting about but with the same routines they are healthy enough and all we can do is manage their conditions now and keep them comfortable. The cats too have settled in to a nice regular routine so less spits and jostling for position it seems. Sadly the chooks are all old now and simply go to sleep in the evening and don’t wake up in the morning, so our active egg layers have ceased now and with a reluctance to get more chooks in we’ve had to resort to buying eggs…. I know shock horror… we just have so much to do to think about replacing them at this stage. The ducks however have snuck in a few clutches and we have a new flock of girls soon to start laying so that will make up for the chook losses.

Currently we are of course consumed with the Field Day preparations which are proving to be more complex this year accommodating the flood event changes to facilities, attractions, competitors and the last minute changes. However, as with every year we are involved, we discover the most amazing people and this makes the effort worthwhile. Updates when we can.. take care and do send your hello’s through.

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