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Agony over – She’s not pregnant!

  • June 12, 2011

Well to put the Clydesdale and Heavy Horse Field Days attendance into a short paragraph our lot did us proud, they looked amazing and for the most part behaved well. Pearl took out the Supreme Senior Shire and Rebel took out the Supreme Junior. Sadly due to excitement and lack of training Salazar was retired from the event but if he’d been better prepared he would have won I am sure. But next year we will have to see…. if there is a next year of course.

Still the BIG question was was Pearl pregnant, she looked so good and usually this is how she presents when pregnant and many asked when she was due. We’d had the previous scan done and was negative but she did look pregnant, so shiny and sparkly akin to that pregnant glow. Early on we decided not to worry about another scan and just see what happens….. but another 4 weeks of “is or isn’t” agony was too much to bear so we got the vet in and rescanned……. no foal… disappointment but we can at least claim her condition was all our doing during the lead up to the event with feed management and rugging rather than that expectant glow as we all assumed.

Since the event we’ve both been ill repeatedly with chest infections, colds, nausea, other end issues and the like. We think because we were so consumed with the event planning for months and frazzled trying to find time to complete all the different tasks before the big weekend, we’d kept the bugs at bay and the moment our jobs were completed, the cloud of hovering icky disease invaded and is still taking its toll.

But let’s move onto more delightful matters, we’ve had some sale interest in Rebel and Zar since the event and negotiations are still backwards and forwards but we do hope for a new home for one at least if not two. Kytan too is shooting up and filling out standing at 15hh at his 6 month measure. Duchess is now 7 months pregnant and keeping food up to her is a task in itself with Kytan still suckling. We’ll be stuck for room if we don’t have a sale as the front paddock is really only big enough for the two boys not the three.

No other striking news to announce this post, we are enjoying having so much time to ourselves and quite frankly feel quite smug staying home and lying low. We plan to attend more shows and see more of the things we want to, but this weekend sadly, our planned drive to the Jondaryan Heavy Horse day didn’t happen as I’m currently fighting a hacking cough that causes a thousand needles to pepper the back of my eyes and the length of my throat. The thought of driving with the associated headache and agonising cough just didn’t appeal, so Dale of course, without a specific task needing to be done, snuck off to his shed to speak with his brochures at the first opportunity. For those of you that know Dale you will know what I mean…. ?

Final letters inviting all interested parties along to the next few meetings of the Clydesdale & Heavy Horse Field Day have gone out to see if we can put together enough interested parties to form the 2012 committee. To present this event and keep sanity there needs to be at least 8 active persons on board (including the executive positions) to ensure the delegation of tasks is manageable for all members rather than the experience this year where just 3 of us struggled on, leaving us exhausted beyond measure.

Winter is providing a respite from the dreaded itch for Rebel & Pearl and looks like young Salazar too is a likely candidate this coming summer. Thankfully Duchess and Kytan seem to have been spared the madness. Rugging and a good wash to freshen the itchy areas seems to be keeping things at bay but these big horses do take their toll on rugs, an entire side can be ripped or rubbed out with the massive weight behind each thrust against a fence or tree.

Finally we have the insurance money through and scheduled to start the rebuild in a few weeks. Materials have been delivered and the new lines all measured and pegged. Of course Kytan has chewed the one in his paddock within minutes of us leaving the yard he had pink survey paint all over his muzzle for a few days.

 Hope all of you are well, until next time be well.

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