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Niether of the mares are pregnant :(

  • December 28, 2013

Well the final scans were done and nope, Pearl continues to reject inseminations so we will leave her until next season and see what can be arranged and Duchess, despite a perfect cycle and excellent semen, she says no! Can only guess why…. the heat? new stallion? foal at foot? Duchess is a cow? In any case we’ll cycle Duchess again in the new year and see what happens – so disappointing after so much effort.
Christmas has come and gone, heat unfortunately stayed and our thoughts are with all those suffering in Victoria with extreme fire alert across the entire state. We caught up with friends who similarly don’t celebrate the madness and otherwise spent time at home with the ponies.
Took some snaps of Zar yesterday, he’s looking so lovely, can’t believe he’ll be 4 in February.
New Years will be happening soon enough and it will be interesting to see how Aurora copes with the fireworks, I can’t see anything causing that girl to flinch, much like her sister Cerefin, the two are into everything and scared of nothing. It has been a delight to watch them play all day these holidays, even with the heat they still gallop around the place leaving the mares to their sedate ramblings until the foal requires a feed and then it’s back to mum followed usually with a snooze. They usually all have snoozes with at least one on duty, Zar however has always taken his elevenses flat out regardless of where any of the other Shires may be… obviously he feels there’s nothing to be worried about.
With that blissful image in mind shall go check on them all and see how hot it is.. hate summer.

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