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Cerefin update

  • December 28, 2011

To those that know, little Cerefin thanks you for all the kind thoughts and support in getting her home this week, for those that don’t a quick bio of the past 6 weeks.

15/11/11 – Cerefin born, difficulty getting up initially with loose pasterns and a leaky uracus that would not close

28/11/11 – Hospitalised with heat stress, leaky uracus, and infection

09/12/11 – Home but we nearly lost her when her system crashed ten minutes after we got her into ICU due to infection and temp over 41 degrees for way too long but she fought back and miraculously came home – but too soon

12/12/11 – Hospitalised again due to the late presentation of intestinal ulceration from when her organs were starved of oxygen on admittance to the hospital. surgery was successful (50% chance given for surviving the surgery alone) and again a touch and go recovery for weeks but she continued to fight and again came home to our delight

26/12/11 – Home and this time we watched her like hawks for any sign of distress or temperature.. thankfully day 3 today and she is perfectly fine, playing like a foal should, nursing lustily and recovering with curiosity

It has been a horrible roller coaster ride and without the University of QLD Equine Hospital here at Gatton we’d have lost our Cerefin. The staff and specialists have been a tower of strength and guidance for us these past weeks and they too, we believe, were just as keen to see her home after such a monumental effort from this extraordinary foal.

Of course with this going on in our lives nothing else has been of a priority, even Christmas has come and gone. We do hope you’ve had a marvellous holiday season and that your lives haven’t been at the pace ours presented and managed to spend time with family and friends. Our fervent hope is that 2012 is less eventful and that we get to go back to being DIHM’s (Double Income Horse Mad). One thing we’ve decided that whilst we remain in QLD we won’t be having any further summer babies, the heat on top of other complications that might happen when foaling has nearly cost us the life of one of these gorgeous creatures and that is an event we never want to experience.

To all, a merry Christmas and a wishful New Year with nice stuff headed towards us all. At least there is no flooding on our horizon as it did in December 2010… 2012 can only be better 🙂


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